Plans are owned by their authors and are not to be sold or distributed without direct permission from the author.This is my simple bipod design I made for my Stingray II.  I bought a 16″ barrel for it so decided might as well make it a bipod. You can get all the stuff you need at your local hardware store foir under $5 I’m sure (I paid $1.83).  Check the pictures for the materials you will need and the basic layout, they aren’t the best but hey it’s really that simple t make, also I didn’t know what size of flange (or correct name for it)


I got, but you should find it in the plumbing section, its a horseshoe shaped metal piece that wraps around the barrel and has a hole on each flat side, I took my barrel with me and just tried fitting themand found the perfect size. Other materials you might want that aren’t listed would be some Lock-Tite (for the permanent model) and some electrical tape to protect the barrel. Also you may want some small diameter metal tubing to slide over each leg if you can’t find long enough bolts for your needs.

Instructions: Take all of the parts and assemble them as shown in the pictures, after assembly bend the legs out to desired widths.

The permanent version of the best paintball gun is made so that you have 2 peices of tubing just big enough to fit over the 2 nuts on each side. You can leave the main bracket on the gun and just pull the tubes out of your pocket when ya need them and slip em right over the bolt assemblies. You will want to either weld or use lock-tite on the nuts also but you could also use more nuts to prevent losening.

ALSO: for the removable design you may want to use some wingnuts on it so its easy to remove, I dunno why I even call it the removable design really since I used normal nuts but you get some wingnuts on their and ther ya go >:) Sorry for the crappy instructions/design but I am not the greatest at making stuff then explaining what I do, if anyone wants to addon or change the design feel free, just lemme know about it so I can have a better bipod too! >:)

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